A mobile reader like no other


A new reading platform that puts users back in control!

File manager

Organize your files the way you would on any computer, creating folders and moving around items as you see fit.

Intuitive eBook reader

Read eBooks in .epub format and make use of Smartreader’s extensive annotation features.

Annotation control

Organize, filter, and export your notes, highlights, and dictionary searches and go on to edit these in any word processor.

Lightning-fast PDF reader

Read PDF documents and make use of Smartreader’s extensive annotation features.

Offline web viewer

Download webpages from your preferred mobile browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.) for later offline viewing.

Offline dictionary support

Plug in and access Stardict offline dictionaries directly from the reading view. Dictionary browsing has never been this easy.

Best eBook reader / PDF reader app for Android. Learn why!

Best eBook reader

There are many worthy contenders for the title of best eBook reader app on Android but here are some reasons why Smartreader provides the best eBook reading experience on Android devices for the majority of users.

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Best PDF reader

Smartreader also deserves a place among the best PDF readers for Android as the app offers a range of powerful features that are rare even among the most popular PDF apps.

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A completely rethought UI

Adios bookshelves

Bookshelves have been a standard fixture of mobile reader apps, but there is no denying they are an extremely inefficient way to organize a large number of books or documents. Smartreader organizes files in three separate libraries, which each function as a full-fledged file management system. This facilitates access to files and drastically enhances user productivity.

Redesigned menus give access to what you need, when you need it

A genuine file manager for each library

Create your own folders

Rename files and folders

Copy files and folders

Delete obsolete items

Control over annotations

Decide what to keep track of

Export saved annotations to a word-processor-friendly format and share with a single tap

Customize your dictionary experience. The possibilities are endless!

Language learners, rejoice!

Integrated Stardict support enables in-app access to translations for virtually every language pair

Check it out for yourself!

Smartreader is available in free (ad-supported) and paid (ad-free) versions.

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